New 3D Asset: Walking Panther Sculpture

Reconstruction of a real sculpture by Rembrandt Bugatti.

Turbo Squid: Check out the new asset!

Về Truong
CG Artist

4 Responses to New 3D Asset: Walking Panther Sculpture

  1. SsSandu_C says:

    Hey man! Nice to see it is not a zerg model :P . I’m kidding. But you should look at the reference more carefully. I mean not just look at it, study it so you can see why it looks the way it looks so you can reproduce as closely as possible. You can see that he defines the shapes with flat carved out planes. I saw your first attempt. You had things going but the way you defined the feline as a whole it made it look skinny but it was on the right track. The original sculpture has a feline that is strong and slender. Focus on getting the muscles defined and you’ll see the difference. This version is too smooth. I know you have the skills man so keep it up. :)

    • Truong says:

      thanks many for the feedback, SsSandu_C! You are right in everything, I lost the track when finishing him.

      But but … dont you see this is the first time I did a low poly model & rendered with maps “successfully”? My displacement map worked ok but the normal map probably didnt do anything :)) And the material supposed to be like bronze, not like glaze …

  2. Ẩn danh says:

    Hey Truong, ban co facebook ko?

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