Carnotaurus sastrei (wip 2)

Some missions need to complete today… Ok, I will continue sculpting him tomorrow.


Về Truong
CG Artist

2 Responses to Carnotaurus sastrei (wip 2)

  1. SsSandu_C says:

    Yo! Nice start man. What you should do now is take it into maya and add more loops on the neck and head to even out the polygon density. Will you dynamesh it? Looking forward to seeing your progress. Btw Please make this one a game ready asset. :P hehe Cya man!

    • Truong says:

      I’ll bring him to Maya for sure, but that’s the end of this progress. I’ll sculpt him until I have all the form I need, … ok, this is my workflow:

      * Zbrush: sculpt sculpt & sculpt, until I see the only thing need to add up here are small wrinkles & alphas. I dont like Dynamesh much because my pc is slowing down while using it, i dont know why.

      * Topogun: retopologize it. I found the wireframe from 10ravens is absolutely fit for it:

      * Zbrush again: continue sculpting, I will uv and texture him later because what I’m doing with the higher level is actually affect the lower mesh. I’m still confused about specular map. Do you know how to create/ generate it?

      * Maya for render: some video tutorials from CG Boot Camp are great for me:

      * Game Asset? I haven’t had any experience with game engine or some thing like that so I think I should keep as much quad as possible.

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