Qremesher… I’m still waiting

These tools are cool, Topogun is cool, Morpher is cool but but the retopologize task is still very time-consuming and extremely boringgg! boring! boring!
The artist should focus on the design aspect, not the technical one.

Till now, 3D Coat is the best solution, even though we have not much control on this tool, but the computer do this task for us:

Nothing is faster than the machine hehe, so I should start to study it or keep waiting for Qremesher?

This is already 5 months from the release date but nothing appear: https://www.facebook.com/Verold

Anyway, human always want for more haha. Zbrush is already the best 3d software ever. 3D Artists now are not the vertex mover or box extruder :)) We are now sculptor, drawing in 3d. Dynamesh, Fibermesh, huge brushes library just add up to this awesomeness. These things make our life happier, and then … the only thing we need now is something to make our life easier ^^


Về Truong
CG Artist

2 Responses to Qremesher… I’m still waiting

  1. donhatlinh3d says:

    Qremesher là gì anh Trường :)

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