“3D Printing and ZBrush – 02.Orientation, Optimization and Exporting” by sid naique


Portrait Sculpture of a Swedish-French actor, Max Von Sydow by sid naique


Link to the article: http://sidnaique.blogspot.com/2012/07/3d-printing-and-zbrush-02orientation.html

sid naique again shared his experience on 3d printing, this time he talks about orientation, poly limit & file formats. This article may save you (& me) a lot of time & pain. Thanks again, sid naique!

Make sure to check out his store as well: http://www.sidnaique.com/


View more about 3d printing here: https://cvbtruong.wordpress.com/category/english-resources/3d-printing/ (click older posts for more)

Where to sell them? Here: https://cvbtruong.wordpress.com/category/link/cg-marketplaces/


Về Truong
CG Artist

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