blog: 2 types of approaches in art

They are straight ahead & blocking.

You may very familiar with blocking method, because this is the way how we are usually taught, such as finish the rough sketch first then go to the finer details (in drawing and painting), done the major forms first then move to the small parts (in sculpting) or block carefully the key frames first then you can do the breakdowns and later the in-betweens (in animation), etc, …

But, this is not the only way to do things. Let take a look at straight a head approach….

Straight Ahead:

  • In drawing & painting:

WIP by Linran

Artist: Marko Djurdjevic

  • In Animation: 

I am very much a straight ahead and layered approach animator. I don’t yet know how to properly plan and block out animations… I am working hard on this.
I like to animate things by getting a strong idea in my mind of what I know will look good, then I figure out how to animate it by concentrating on what are the primary driving forces, and the most important motions or actions that I need to do first in order to make everything else fall into place. I animate these things first, then I animate everything else afterwards. I do not animate everything at once, knowing exactly where things are coming from and where they are going ( like our old pal Milt Khal ) …

 Cameron Fielding 

Read Full Article: Turok: Animation Workflow

Dont judge ppl by how they work, the final result tell it all ^^


Về Truong
CG Artist

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