Stick Man Maya Rig


Stick Man is now in 3D!! And it is available on my gumroad page:
This rig is 1$. Hope I can gain some support from you guys so I can make more rigs in the future. Thank you!

Tiger Mechanic Rig


Tiger Mechanic rig is now available at: (5$)
This is the FIRST Maya rig I have ever sold on my Gumroad page (the other 21 rigs are all free). Hope I can get some support from you guys, so I can make more rigs in the future. Cheers! :D

Rig đầu tiên Trường bán ở Gumroad, nếu được thì ủng hộ giúp Tr nhé. Cảm ơn!

How to render Truong Rigs?

This video show you how to render the scene if you are using my rigs. Hope this helps!




Alien 3D Model


Alien 3D Model

Modeled based on a concept art by Anthony Jones & original design by H. R. Giger

Link to the model:

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