New 3D Asset: Bronze Tiger Statue


based on the real sculpture by A.P. Proctor

Link to the model (Turbo Squid): Link


modeled based on the photo by  Thach bamboo, Hardy yuen

Shadowness’s Daily Inspiration#524: link. Thanks, Litavis! :)

Done! Finally, I did it before midnight :))

Self critique (If you love it, keep loving it & dont read these lines below ^^)

Eventually, I know how to do hair (Ya huuu!!!) , but there are something that I don’t satisfy about this piece.

First, the hair in hair cut cannot rendered out under mental ray lights (it crashed all the time). Then, I rendered hair and face in different scenes, but I dont know how to render out the alpha channel for the hair. This issue led me to the big paint-over job in post situation.

Second, she still doesn’t have facial hair, which can add more credibility into it.

Third, the hair itself still looks fake, it like … 3d hair than a real hair…

Eye lid is so thin …

The color above the eye lid is make-up material, but I did it within subdermal – texture, then it look like the actual skin material, not a make-up. Aaaaa

I can go on and on with my own problems. Anyway, I hope that next time will be better. And… hope you enjoy, too! ^^

New 3D Asset: Stone Lion 7

For the asset details check out my Turbo Squid homepage:
Link to the model: link

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