Zbrush: Hướng dẫn sử dụng Subtools và import nhiều objects vào Zbrush

Vì một số lý do, Trường trì hoãn việc làm tutorial 3d tiếng Việt. Từ giờ mỗi tuần Tr sẽ làm 1 tutorial: làm phim hoạt hình 3d/ Maya/ Zbrush. Giá 1$/tut, hi vọng mọi người ủng hộ.

Bộ tài liệu đã cập nhật vào https://gum.co/tailieu3d (folder Zbrush)


modeled based on the photo by  Thach bamboo, Hardy yuen

Shadowness’s Daily Inspiration#524: link. Thanks, Litavis! :)

Done! Finally, I did it before midnight :))

Self critique (If you love it, keep loving it & dont read these lines below ^^)

Eventually, I know how to do hair (Ya huuu!!!) , but there are something that I don’t satisfy about this piece.

First, the hair in hair cut cannot rendered out under mental ray lights (it crashed all the time). Then, I rendered hair and face in different scenes, but I dont know how to render out the alpha channel for the hair. This issue led me to the big paint-over job in post situation.

Second, she still doesn’t have facial hair, which can add more credibility into it.

Third, the hair itself still looks fake, it like … 3d hair than a real hair…

Eye lid is so thin …

The color above the eye lid is make-up material, but I did it within subdermal – texture, then it look like the actual skin material, not a make-up. Aaaaa

I can go on and on with my own problems. Anyway, I hope that next time will be better. And… hope you enjoy, too! ^^

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