Maya: Copy UV cho nhiều models

A primer on 3D printing: Lisa Harouni on

“2012 may be the year of 3D printing, … “. Really? :))
If these machines become more affordable, I want one at home. Seeing my models become the real objects is just amazing! :)

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2012 may be the year of 3D printing, when this three-decade-old technology finally becomes accessible and even commonplace. Lisa Harouni gives a useful introduction to this fascinating way of making things — including intricate objects once impossible to create. (Recorded at TEDSalon London, November 2011, in London, UK. Duration: 14:50)

Watch Lisa Harouni’s talk on, where you can download it, rate it, comment on it and find other talks and performances from our archive of 1,000+ TEDTalks.

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Autodesk on 3D printing: How 3D Printing Will Make U.S. Self-Sufficient

Hope that will come soon. I mean the price, 3d printing will be as cheap as 2d printing.

Technology: 3D Printer Copies 3D Objects

Cool! Can they print my models? ^^

New 3D Asset: Standing Stone Lion Sculpture

Turbo Squid: Check out the new asset!

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