Carnotaurus Sastrei Dinosaur 3D Model






Link to the model:



2112 Launch Trailer (Vietnamese) by EMOBI GAMES Studio
2112 is a free to play Massive Multiplayer Online (MMO) game that combines strategic base defense gameplay with deep customization and the visceral action found in Real Time Strategy (RTS) games. 2112 puts players in the middle of an epic war set in a futuristic atmosphere tied together with an gripping intergalactic storyline

“So You Want to Work in the Video Game Industry” – William Gibbon

some facts we should know.

Diablo III All Cinematics

Link from 3D Total

Akuma Bust

based on original concept by Se Won Kang

You can download him for free here (Turbo Squid): link

“2112 Announcement Trailer” by Emobi Games

More info:

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