Starcraft 2 Making Of DVD Cinematic

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Love their game, love their cinematics (not the real-time one). Blizzard is the best! ^^

Paperman – Full Animated Short Film

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Wildebeest by Bird Box Studio

my first thought is that: “Wow! f*cking funny & awesome 3d short!! :))”


wait! is it 3d?

Take a look at their making of:


please watch it in Bird Box Studio’s fb: Bird Box Studio’s Facebook page, I have trouble to embed fb video in my blog.

First of all the rough animatic was made in flash. This is the point we can test it’s funny and if it’s worth continuing.

The rough shapes are blocked into Flash and all the animation is done.

The flash animation is translated into AE, tracking the body and head movements from the SWF. Additional animation is copied frame by frame.

The different parts are built in AE. Many layers are used on the faces and manipulated to give a 3D effect to the heads turning.


Source: Bird Box Studio’s Facebook page

They only used Flash and After Effects to create this short… Wao! This is a big lesson to me. You dont need to follow the “traditional” method or the path that ppl usually go, just keep the final target in mind, be creative and you will find your own way to go where you want to go.

Behind the Scenes with an independent 2D Filmmaker Hosted by The Creative Talent Network

Mike Nguyen primary interest is the hand-drawn animation film making medium and aims to reflect beautiful thoughts toward this life on Earth.
Mike received his BFA in Character Animation at the California Institute of the Arts in 1988. Since then, he has worked primarily in the feature animation industry as a Character Animator in various studios, including Walt Disney, Warner Bros., and DreamWorks Animation.
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more than 10 years for an hand-drawn animation featured film (and it is still in progress). With just that, we can see how much patience and passion of this film maker.

The Making of ‘Gathering’ – Creature Illustration Workflow with Alex Alvarez

This is for free!!!
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