Stick Man Maya Rig


Stick Man is now in 3D!! And it is available on my gumroad page:
This rig is 1$. Hope I can gain some support from you guys so I can make more rigs in the future. Thank you!

Tiger Mechanic Rig


Tiger Mechanic rig is now available at: (5$)
This is the FIRST Maya rig I have ever sold on my Gumroad page (the other 21 rigs are all free). Hope I can get some support from you guys, so I can make more rigs in the future. Cheers! :D

Rig đầu tiên Trường bán ở Gumroad, nếu được thì ủng hộ giúp Tr nhé. Cảm ơn!

Pig mechanic rig


Pig Mechanic Rig:

Demon (big) facial rig

Big Demon:

Conan Maya Rig


Conan Maya Rig. Cheers!
Download link:
Video demo:

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