Phoenix Studio – Episode 5 – Workflow

Phoenix Atelier:

not much more to say about Zbrush, the most fantastic software ever :)

(still, I hope they will fix the camera problem + dpi for print)

[3D World] “Expert tips for perfect CG portraits” by Francisco A Cortina


This article is so technical, it would take me some time to actually get it.

Pham Anh Vu Demo Reel 2012

“Audience preferences & Tintin” by Keith Lango

Read this article here:

It seems too soon, but this is something that we, artists, should think about. The barrier between motion (+ expression) capture and hand keyframe animation becomes more and more blurring. This situation also appears in 3D modeling, 3D scanning and great re-topology tools might change the way we work … forever. Nothing is impossible.

3D Print of “One Round Left” by Jessie Sasser

Jessie Sasser shared his experience with 3D Printing. Thank you!

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