Carnotaurus Sastrei (WIP)


redo the texture and tend to do some animation with him. Stay tuned for more! :)

work in progress

work in progress,

reconstruction from “Le lion de Nubie et sa proie” (The Nubian Lion and Its Prey), 1870, by Auguste Cain

Julien Romeo Demo Reel 2012

“This is probably the biggest private collection of 3d models about Jurassic Park after the one of ILM.

It is the result of 5 years of work day and night. I learnt everything alone, no school nor teachers, just Internet tutorials.

I hope you’ll enjoy the video.” – Julien Romeo

Ok ok, I have only 2 more years left to …

New 3D Asset: Carnotaurus Sastrei


based on concept by Damir G Martin

Turbo Squid (3D model): Check out the new asset!

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