3 Must Do Animation Exercises

Hope it’s useful. Please share, help me spread the knowledge of animation to the new generation of animators.
Download Maya Rigs: https://gumroad.com/truongcgartist
Original lessons were from Alvise Avati

Hi vọng video hữu ích cho các bạn làm hoạt hình/ vfx. Share nhé, đừng giữ bí kíp chỉ cho riêng mình ;)

Great Painting Tutorials from Proko


Proko Website: http://www.proko.com/
He did all these tutorials for free! If you can support him, please do so.

“The Basics of Motion Design”


The basics of motion design as interpreted by the students of the “Basics of Motion Design”-class at the Hochschule für Künste (University of the Arts) in Bremen.
In a series of short single episodes different basic principles of motion design are explained (as well as explored by the students in the process).


Use the design template provided by the instructor.
Use only the most basic functions of After Effetcs. No Effetcs. No PlugIns (though students did bend these rules at one time or another).


Concentrate on getting the message across. Design using motion properties (hence the design template). Learn, what motion design is about. Ignore software-related technical issues.


Instructor: Henning Rogge
Students: Filippo Baraccani, Elena Fergani, Mikko Gärtner, Helene Maus, Wladimir Schwabauer


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