Do Quang Minh 3D and VFX reel 2012

Do Quang Minh 3D and VFX reel 2012 from hoatrangan on Vimeo.

Tips on portfolio building

There some useful tips on making a successful portfolio or demo reel that I found on the internet. Please add more if you have any other useful tips/ links!


How to Make a Successful Portfolio or Demoreel by Andrew Price

I Hate Your Portfolio by Noah Bradley

Digital-Tutors: Demo ReelPortfolio


EPISODE 20 Portfolio by Feng Zhu:

Digital Painting – Constructing a Portfolio by CtrlPaint


Pham Anh Vu Demo Reel 2012

Julien Romeo Demo Reel 2012

“This is probably the biggest private collection of 3d models about Jurassic Park after the one of ILM.

It is the result of 5 years of work day and night. I learnt everything alone, no school nor teachers, just Internet tutorials.

I hope you’ll enjoy the video.” – Julien Romeo

Ok ok, I have only 2 more years left to …

The Foundry 2012 Showreel

“Technical Demo Reel” bởi Nguyễn Lâm Tiến

Some Great Advices from Nick Campbell

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