Run Cricket Run | Chơi với dế (official) – a CGI 3D Animated Short by Truong Cg Artist

Sau gần 1 năm thì cuối cùng phim “Chơi với dế” cũng đã hoàn thành. Phim hoạt hình 3D made in Vietnam 100%. Hợp tai hợp mắt thì share nhé ;)
After 1 year (on & off), the film “Run Cricket Run” is finally done. Hope you enjoy! Please share.

Concept Art: Nguyễn Huy Thiện
Animation: Tôn Tuấn Bảo Long
Layout: Đặng Cửu Toàn
Sound Design + Edit: Nguyễn Khắc Phú
Story, directing, modeling, rigging, rendering, compositing: Châu Võ Bá Trường aka Truong CG Artist

Demon – Walk Cycle


Honestly, this is the first time I created something from the initial concept art to the final render. I did everything from sketching (+ a little painting), modeling, texturing, shading, render setup, rigging, animating, rendering and final composition (color correction mostly). This cost me almost 4 years of non-stop learning to be able to do that, what a pain! (ok, I agree, I’m a slow leaner =.=)

Even though it’s still very basic and lots of thing need to improve, but the feeling I’m having now is so amazing, seeing your own creation (I’ll call him my child) moving around is the best feeling ever.

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