My Zerg in real world





Printed by Matthew Young

You may not know, but my Zerg collection is now available for free at Turbo Squid. Hope you like them!

(and also check out my commercial works, thank you!)

Starcraft 2 Making Of DVD Cinematic

View more at: http://www.youtube.com/user/WanderfalkenWoW

Love their game, love their cinematics (not the real-time one). Blizzard is the best! ^^

My Zerg on Star Craft’s facebook

I didn’t go to facebook for quite a long time, several months I guess. Just check out Star Craft’s facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/StarCraft) today and … woa la!!!

315 people liked & 103 comments up to now OMG! @.@

2322 people liked my Hydralisk!! Plus 354 comments. Are you kidding me? hahaha Fantastic!

It made my day!  :)

Let work harder! Study faster! And create more stuffsssssssssssss!!!!!


concept by Mr–Jack

Turbo Squid (3d model): Check out this asset!

Concept by Mr–Jack
3D by me, Truong

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