Woman rig is now having facial setup

Download link: https://gum.co/xfGDM

Naked Woman Rig

Free Woman Rig: https://gum.co/xfGDM
Model by eof
Hope you enjoy using the rig. Stay tuned for future rigs. Cheers!
Mới rig xong hôm nay.
Model do eof thực hiện.
Khi dùng nếu có trục trặc gì cứ nhắn cho Tr. Happy animating!

Realistic Portrait Study (wip)



I’m in the bottom of “uncanny valley”,  I think. Anyway, I will try my best to learn more, do more to reach my goal. This is fun btw :)

no excuse



source: internet (?)

Making Of ‘Close-up Portrait’ by David Moratilla


I’m studying this tutorial, so I think I should share it as well :D

Link: Making Of ‘Close-up Portrait’

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