Tiger Mechanic Rig


Tiger Mechanic rig is now available at: gum.co/tigerrig (5$)
This is the FIRST Maya rig I have ever sold on my Gumroad page (the other 21 rigs are all free). Hope I can get some support from you guys, so I can make more rigs in the future. Cheers! :D

Rig đầu tiên Trường bán ở Gumroad, nếu được thì ủng hộ giúp Tr nhé. Cảm ơn!

Deep Sea Creature Rig


Download link: https://gum.co/seacreature

3 Demons Free Maya Rigs


All demons are up. Happy animating!
Demon (no eyes): https://gum.co/FWgW
Demon (skinny): https://gum.co/bhmfS
Demon (big boss): https://gum.co/misYb
Let me know if you see any issues. Thank you!

Every Sunday project – 1014


1014 is my latest animation project.

Please like my page if you want to see more content like this from me :)

Alien 3D Model


Alien 3D Model

Modeled based on a concept art by Anthony Jones & original design by H. R. Giger

Link to the model: http://www.turbosquid.com/3d-models/3d-model-alien-modeled/884740?referral=cvbtruong

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